Improve Uber's usability in unknown areas

We visited Bangkok two weeks ago. The first experience after we arrived: The local taxi drivers scammed us into absurd high prices. This isn’t news to anybody who travels a fair bit amount but we were tired and didn’t knew where we had to go.

For the next days I bought a local SIM card so we could use Uber to get around. The problem with the app though: I can’t read Thai. I have no clue which part of the address the street is. I have no way to confirm that I entered the right destination. I can’t even see if my destination is in the right district.

Screenshot of Uber's autocompletion Screenshot of Uber's pickup confirmation screen

Proposed solution

After you confirm your pickup location, the app displays a zoomed out view of the entire route. This way you can easily spot an error when you know where you are going but don’t know the exact address. After you confirm the route, a driver is requested as usual. This workflow wouldn’t get in your way if you’re certain about your input but it would be tremendously helpful if you don’t have a clue. And every navigation app does that so it wouldn’t be unfamiliar at all.

Mockup of proposed solution

I sent the proposal to Uber, would be awesome if they’d consider it in the future.